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The Words of a Soldier

Senators of Tomorrow

E-mail the Newspaper Editor

Blog of Questions

Instant Messenger Review

The Words of a Soldier


*      Read two of the memoirs found on this site and type one to two pages or two to four written pages comparing and contrasting the feelings of the two people. 

*      Create a poem, illustration, or song that exemplifies the emotions and situations experienced by the individuals you choose.

*      All superior work will be displayed as exemplars on the class website, message board or blog.


Senators of Tomorrow


*      While studying the great depression or economics, cover the prevalence, causes, and ramifications of unemployment and or poor education.

*      Have your students visit this site and choose a regulation from the education and job section.

*      Have them read the summary and a few other sections.  If you feel your students will have trouble comprehending this document, choose specific parts you would like them to read and prepare a guided reading worksheet of exercise.

*      Next have the students reflect on what they read and whether it is a good solution to economic problem.  This reflection can be in a written journal, or in a cooperative learning situation.  If you use partners or groups you may want to have them write notes on their discussion or come to a group consensus.  

*      Finally have a large group discussion about what they wrote.  Look for evidence of analysis, synthesis, and evaluation.  If you do not think your students will naturally discuss this way, prepare questions to encourage this type of higher order thinking.    


E-mail the Newspaper Editor


*      Connect apart of your content to current local, state, or national issues.

*      Allow the students to form an opinion on this issue, and then challenge them to support or justify their claim with facts.

*      Have the students acknowledge differing opinions and then try to identify the weakness in them.

*      Make sure the students have examined the weakness in their own opinion.

*      Finally have your students write a letters detailing their original opinion or a new opinion they developed during the process.  Allow them to e-mail the letters to your local newspaper editor.

*      Make sure to watch the newspaper for a number of weeks so if any of them get printed you can praise that student for a job well done.  You might also have him or her read their letter to the class or school (over the intercom).       


Blog of Questions


*      Create a Blog relative to your content area.

*      Notify as many colleges, authorities, or community figures (Mayor, Priest, librarian, politic officer etc) that you have this forum and they are welcome to share their opinion or knowledge as often as they would like.

*      Throughout the year, listen for essential, thoughtful, or creative questions that may spawn a valuable discussion. 

*      Post those questions on your blog.

*      When you receive replies try to incorporate the most relevant ones in future classes.  If you allow students to access the blog be sure to check it for inappropriate comments a few times a day.  If you use anyones response in a lesson be sure to give them credit because that would build a strong sense of community.   


Instant Messenger Review

*      Set up a number of instant messenger names. ( ie “MrWclassBlue”, “MrWclassA”, “MrWclass001”)

*      While in a computer lab that will allow Instant Messaging, split your class up into review groups.(one for each name screen name you created)

*      Have the students open a message window to your screen name. (“MrWTeacher”, “MrWTeach001”)

*      Conduct a review game where you audibly ask questions and the groups discusses the answers and respond by instant messenger.

*      The answers will appear in order on your screen so you will be free to walk around and monitor your class.  When you return to your computer the responses will be on your message window in order.  (monitoring is important to make sure they are not messaging someone else, searching the web for answers or any other "fishy" business)     


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