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search engine, directory, etc.

search engine, directory, translator, etc.


search engine, directory

This is an easy to use data base that allows you to find a topic related article quickly

search engine, downloads


I Thik I

search engine:offers 35 categories for limiting your search
search engine, directory
search engine, yellow pages
This is a kid friendly search engine.
Kid friendly search engine and directory.


Dib Dab Doo

Kid friendly search engine and directory.


Cyber Sleuth Kids

Kid friendly search engine and directory.


Management Links

(Not the best way to do it)

This site helps you identify causes, actions, effects and solutions to many common behavior problems.

This site offers strategies for correcting certain behavior problems .

This site has "smart tools for busy teachers".  These tools will help you find different ways to conduct lessons, manage your classroom and much more.


Behavior Advisor

Here you can find thousands of management tips and interventions.  This is also a place to post problems that you may be facing.


Instructional Links

Michigan History for Kids

Here you will find many great supplements for history teachers.

This site has "smart tools for busy teachers".  These tools will help you find different ways to conduct lessons, manage your classroom and much more.

Here you will find many articles that will help you add to your lesson plans.  Engaging activities from icebreakers to review games can be found at this site.

This site contains puzzles, games, and charts related to different content areas.  It also could help you find activities that children can get involved in.


Sites For Teachers

This site contains a database with over 1,000 sites that teachers can go to.  It even gives you a brief description of each site listed, so you can quickly find what you are looking for.
This site provides teachers with information on the latest student-centered teaching method,                             the Layered Curriculum.

This site is a gathering place where teachers can come together and share their experiences with others through the use of chat rooms, chat centers and chat boards.

This site was created by teachers for teachers.  Its purpose is to collect useful information in order to make it accessible for teachers quickly and easily.



Here you can find a little of everything that an early childhood or elementary student would need.  Nursery rhymes, puzzles, and counting games are just some of what can be found on the pages of this site. 


Creative Teaching Site
This site will help you to be more creative in your teaching methods.  The site is a self-funded site by its author in order to encourage us to be more effective by including fun in our lesson plans.


Puzzle Maker

Here you can find a great resource that actually makes creating word searches and crossword puzzles easy.  This can be an excellent tool to utilize when the students need a little extra practice on those vocabulary lists and you don't have a lot of free time to work with.


Education Helper

This link provides us with many useful worksheets that can be incorporated into your lessons.  Although some of the worksheets are free, you will need to become a member to gain access to all of them.


Lesson Plans Page

We can go here for free lesson plans, fundraising ideas and even current job postings!


Social Studies Links

Masters of constitutional law Derek Newman gives a daily example of how the constitution plays out in modern scenarios.

Dr. Marty Levine, Professor Emeritus of Secondary Education, California State University, Northridge (CSUN), has gathered lesson plans and resources from the Internet which social studies teachers will find useful. These materials are presented in the table below. Select from the table to go directly to that section.

Aside from being featured in the New York Times, it has one of the most useful and complete collections of lesson plans and power point presentations on the web for social studies teachers.

This site is ranked the #1 history website by Google.  It contains links to many useful history sites.  In addition, it also provides us with lesson plans and effective ways to incorporate technology into our classrooms.

This site has a great collection of online resources including live jazz musicians who explain the history of jazz music, interactive timelines and much more.

The History Channel site is a glut of historical wealth.  Here you can find short biographies, online presentations, historical speeches, videos, classroom ideas and much more.  This is one of the most useful sites for a teachers or students of history.


Social Studies For Kids
This is a great tool that your students will enjoy exploring.  It contains a "This week in history" section that will keep your students' attention as they learn about important events of the past, as well as fun facts that explain the meaning of many holidays and traditions of the American society.

This site is created by the government for students and contains a topic related database that is very kid friendly.  It even uses pictures to connect the kids to each topic.  It includes an array of topics ranging from government to space and it even has a money topic.


American Folklore

Here you can find stories about historical and legendary figures in American culture.
One of the most influential civilizations in the history of the world is was the Roman Empire.  This site gives reliable information about Roman History.

This is a directory of mythology and folklore.  It contains mythology from a variety of cultures.

This is a timeline of great speeches in American history.

This site contains many books that teach on the African American heritage.  Kids can search through photo galleries of African American Historical figures and even get a short biography on each picture.


The Sociology Page

This site is a good sociology resource.  It lists a number of good textbooks, videos and links pertaining to the study of society and groups of people.


Time Witnesses



Although this site may only be useful for those teachers that have classes that can comprehend it, this site is a wonderful government resource.  Here you can find the regulations that govern our nation word for word


The Paper Boy

This site allows you to find almost every newspaper website you would need to get accurate information on current events or contemporary history.



The Rulers is a large index of just that.  On this site rulers and nations can be found alphabetically and chronologically along with their actions on particular dates and their achievements.


Urban Legends

Here is a site for the psychology and sociology fans.  Here you can read the latest urban legends as well as some of the classics.


The Memoirs, Diary, and Life of Private Jefferson Moses

This is a great way to introduce your students to primary resources.  Here you can find the letters and diary entries of actual Civil War soldiers.  Secondary teachers could create interesting projects based on this site.


Math Links



Math Baseball

This is an extremely fun way to participate in math.  This site combined with a pencil and paper should keep your math students from elementary to early high school busy.


Cool Math

This site contains many fun math related games.  Many of which may be used to supplement a math unit.

More Links Are On The Way


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