In today's world quality often takes a backseat to quantity.  In education this can never be so.  Almost everyone plays the role of a teacher at some point in their lives.  But what makes one teacher more desirable than the other?  A choice teacher is one that is more desirable to students, administrators, and or parents because of a unique combination of personality, knowledge, pedagogy, and wisdom.  Having a degree or certification does not make you a expert teacher.  Educational psychologist Anita Woolfolk defines an expert teacher as "experienced effective teacher who has developed solutions for common classroom problems.  Their knowledge or teaching process and content is extensive and well organized.  Expert teachers not only know the content of the subject they teach, they also know how to relate this content to the world outside the classroom...".   Effectiveness, resilience, and knowledge are just a few of the characteristics of an expert teacher.  The display of these qualities also make you a choice teacher.  



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